I design digital experiences
that delight and inspire people.

Hello! I'm Sam, a seasoned UI/UX Designer with a decade of industry experience. As a former Head of UI/UX, I've passionately collaborated with forward-thinking organisations, fuelling their growth via user-centric design methodologies. Let's team up and pave the way for innovative design solutions together!

Some of the companies I've impacted
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Design that solves problems, one product at a time.

What I can do for you

Faster, better products that your users love. Here's all the services I provide:

Digital product and experience design
Design System Management
Innovative design strategy and value creation
Design leadership
My Digital Toolbox

Every designer needs the right tools to do the perfect job. Thankfully, I'm multilingual. Here are some I frequently utilise:

Figma, Figjam and Protopie
GA, Hotjar
Ways to work together

Whether it's a specific project, team augmentation, or leadership role, I'm prepared to deliver impactful design solutions.

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A Problem solver

That's me!

For over a decade, I've had the pleasure of working alongside a diverse range of clients, from innovative startups to established global firms. Crafting digital experiences that fuel business growth has been an incredibly rewarding part of my journey. I look forward to continuing this exciting adventure and embracing the new opportunities that lie ahead!


Word on the street

UI/UX Design Portfolio Testimonial - Gavin Fletcher
Sam joined the Founding Team at UMA at a critical stage in the growth journey as Head of Design. Sam’s depth of expertise in user experience was evident from day one. Combined with his enthusiasm and ‘can-do’ attitude, his human-centred approach to interface design underpinned by his empathy towards UMAs broad range of user personas contributed significantly to a step-change in the maturity of UMA, across mobile and web.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sam and hope to work with him again in the future.
Gavin Fletcher
Chief Marketing Officer
UI/UX Design Portfolio Testimonial - Stephanie Evans

Sam is personable, hard-working, and professional. His technical abilities, creative insights, and UX know-how tangibly elevated the online booking journey for our customers. He helped to change the pace and direction of our Design & Development team, working well with his peers and collaborating across departments as needed. He made some great improvements to our sites and actively engaged the wider team with A-B testing and inclusive feedback surveys. During his time with us, I heard nothing but good feedback about Sam from his teammates and from our CTO. He was an impressive addition to our team and a pleasure to work with; he would be an asset to any business.

Stephanie Hague-Evans
People Director at The Eventa Group & Fizzbox
UI/UX Design Portfolio Testimonial - Arabella Scarman

Sam possesses excellent technical and creative skills which are required to undertake his work. However, what stands out with Sam, over and above his ability, is his enthusiasm, drive and motivation to get the job done and add value. Sam was very well liked by the marketing team and everyone across the company.

Arabella Scarman
Digital Marketing Manager