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Product Design

Designing Neugo: Shaping Remote Work Across Various Industries

My Role
Lead UI/UX Designer
July 2022 - March 2023

Client Background

Neugo is a revolutionary remote working tool, enabling various industries like recruitment, medical consultations, legal professions, and home office visa applications to collaborate efficiently. The Neugo platform maps remote collaboration to actual business workflows, saving valuable time and facilitating interactions with clients, customers, and patients.

Project Background

Neugo's journey began as a significant evolution of an outdated video conferencing tool known as Flabba. The company was at a pivotal point, receiving funding from Innovate UK, when I was introduced to the project through a referral. My role was to breathe new life into the existing product, shape it into the now-known Neugo, and add new, advanced features. This involved working closely with product owners and the marketing team to ensure the redesigned product aligned with the new brand's vision and identity.

Problem Statement

The project's major challenge was redesigning and enhancing a product built on an existing video conferencing backend. This meant that while we had to retain and adapt some of the original backend features, there was a need to significantly polish and update them. Additionally, the new solution had to seamlessly integrate with various industries' workflows, provide robust compliance and training tools such as meeting recording, transcription, sharing, and reviewing, and offer brand customisation options to align with company branding and specific workflow processes.

Design Process

For this project, I used the Human-Centered Design (HCD) process, focusing on understanding users' needs, brainstorming ideas, creating design prototypes, and testing them with users. This approach allowed us to create a product that truly addressed the users' pain points and provided an intuitive and efficient tool for remote collaboration.

Impact and Results

Since its launch, The Neugo platform has been widely adopted and is currently being used by prestigious organisations such as the National Health Service (NHS) and The Home Office Asylum Team. This uptake demonstrates the effectiveness of our design process and the real-world value that the product brings to remote collaboration across various industries.


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