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UI/UX Design Consultant
June - Aug 2020

Project origin

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the customer and adviser journey on canadalife.co.uk, we commissioned an independent heuristic review in Autumn 2021. The objective of this review was to identify potential areas of improvement and prioritise them based on their impact on user experience.

The report generated from this review provided valuable insights into key areas that required attention, and we have since conducted further research and analysis to establish the most effective solutions.

To learn more about our heuristic review process and its outcomes, please visit our case study at this case study.

Project scope

  • Realign, not redesign
  • Instead of starting from scratch, consider reorganising or repurposing existing content.
  • Take advantage of the established brand to a greater extent.
  • Improve differentiation between content intended for customers and advisers.
  • Make use of internal research from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and digital experts.
  • Use testing and iteration to refine the approach over time. Start with a baseline and then evaluate results regularly.

How might we...?

The Canada Website Realignment project utilized the "How Might We" (HMW) framework in its UI/UX design process to address the design challenges identified through website analysis and heuristic evaluation.

By framing design problems as questions starting with "How might we..." followed by a specific problem statement, the HMW framework served as a prompt for generating potential solutions.

The HMW framework proved to be a powerful tool for promoting creative solutions and driving innovation in the design process. As a result, the project achieved a 20% increase in engagement among advisers and a 16% increase in customer engagement.

How might we..

Use labels that resonate with our visitors, with more consistency?

How might we..

Better distinguish Adviser, Customer, and cross-cutting content?

How might we..

Reduce bad demand by making it clear how to complete top tasks online?

How might we..

Orientate visitors between product ranges and details more effectively?

How might we..

Make it easier to compare products and signpost visitors more detail?

How might we..

Make it clear that advised sales are required for our products?

How might we..

Give visitors confidence in our product quality

How might we..

Ensure vulnerable and impaired visitors can navigate our website effectively?

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